The State of BGP Security

A skilled attacker with access to the right router can co-opt routes to destination IP address. When this happens, nothing on the internet is trustworthy. And there's no way to stop it.

BGP hijacking

The underbelly of the Internet has been in a precarious condition for a while now.

Even with all the knowledge about it's weaknesses, we only make slow progress in implementing technology to secure it.
We see BGP routing leaks on a regular basis. It almost feels like we take it for granted but at the same time it undermines our trust in the Internet.
In this talk, we'll review the current situation for BGP, a foundational piece of the network we all rely on, and focus on the practical implementation of available countermeasures through live demos and examples.
In and of itself, we launch a call to action for private organizations, government entities, and academia alike to roll up the sleeves and get cracking at fixing our Internet. If we want to keep trust in "The Internet of Things," we first have to build trust in the network that powers it.